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The Full Story

My mom...well, she's my best friend and closest confidant. She's the most amazing and the most godly woman I have ever known. She had her first open heart surgery when I was 14 years old. I've sat at her bedside while the nurses asked her her last wishes on more than one occasion, and I've seen the peace of God and Comfort of His Holy Spirit dawn on her face in each of those moments.  I have the privilege of being her caretaker.  I also have the privilege of helping my dad (they'll be married 60 years this year...2024) and my uncle (her brother).

I had heard and seen a lot about affiliate marketing on social media and in November of 2022 I started Seller of Purple LLC. My hope and dream was to be able to leave my part-time job as an HR Administrator and do affiliate marketing on-line so that I could have more flexibility for doctor's appointments and taking care of my family as well as...let's be honest, more MONEY to make ends meet!


Unfortunately, my experience with my first training course company left me disheartened, disillusioned, and overwhelmed. So, I set my business and goals aside for most of 2023, but never gave up on my dream.  

Enter....THE ROADMAP 2.0! I was introduced to a new training course that gives you resell rights for 100% of the profit. The training could be used to make my dream of sharing gardening and herbs online come true, and I could also resell the training myself as a source for added income. I was doesn't grow on trees and I don't have any to waste!...but the more I learned, researched, and heard about The Roadmap, the more I trusted the fact that this was NOT another scam it was an investment into my future and into achieving my dreams! So I made the investment and I took the leap! And I don't regret it!  The training is more detailed, the community more helpful, and the originators of this course more full of integrity than I could have imagined. 

Join me on the journey as I share with you both sides of my business, "The PT Digital Marketer" and "A Natural Approach to Living". Below are the links to my social media:


A Natural Approach to Living

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The PT Digital Marketer




Pinterest: The PT Digital Marketer

If you decide you want to start your own journey with The Roadmap 2.0, I invite you to check out my Stan Store.

All the best,


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